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        Welcome to Shenyang ShanYo Mine Machinery official website.please call the service line, professional services and solutions will be offered , if there are any questions or requirements . looking forward to your call!
        Core Products
        HP High-Efficency cone crusher PYT Spring Cone crusher PYS Symons Cone Crusher Gyratory Crusher Ball grinder
        User Case
        • FuJian 1316  PYT2200 PYS240  User
        • Sichuan PYB2200  PYD2200  User
        • Xinjiang  Bortala PYT-B1750   User
        • FuJian 1316 PYT2
        • 配置:首破:顎式破碎機1316  二破:PYB2200 一臺    三破:PYS240 兩臺   
        • Sichuan PYB2200
        • 配置  首破:1215鄂式破碎機   二破:PYB2200  兩臺   三破:PYD2200  兩臺
        • Xinjiang Bortala
        •     該生產線從2013年初正式投產至今,   主要設備有:ZW1360 振動給料機1臺、PE900*1200&nbs
        Shenyang ShanYo Heavy Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 which is located in the old industrial base of Northeast China(More)
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